Tube Beads

Learn how to make these nifty connecter beads in this mini course!

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Learn how to make these unique beads and elevate your jewelry sales.


These versatile beads can be used for all types of artisan crafts including tassels, earrings, sun catchers....  Basically anything that will separate your art from all the rest.

One of a kind

Wouldn't it be nice to be stopped and asked "where did you get that?" or "how did you do that?"  

Any one can make these!

In this is quick, 25 minute mini course you'll learn how to make several fantastic tube beads in one day.   All you need is some wire, a few jewelry tools, small piece of lace or paper and tubing.   Minimal experience necessary.

Step by Step

That's how I teach all my classes.  Clear, step by step instruction using close ups and high definition video.  And the best part?  You can re-wind the lessons as much as you want, you will have access to this class forever AND I will be available if you have questions!

What are you waiting for?

Wether you make jewelry for profit or for fun, make your jewelry unique and take this quick class today!

About the instructor~Robin Dudley Howes

Creating art and teaching creativity is a way of life for me and has been my main source of joy and income for many years.  I have always taken classes and read books to further my knowledge to make anything I put my mind to from soldering, mosaics, painting, jewelry, book making, clothing, tassels, crowns, crochet, macrame, knitting and so much more. 

So I guess you could say my education has been my curiosity to learn from living a creative life and the adventures I have traveled to get there.

Over the years I've taught hundreds of classes in venues at large National art retreats to cozy home gatherings.

Online classes are a great way to reach those who cannot travel to my classes and I am so thrilled to have a platform that has opened that door.

Welcome to The Artsy Bohemian!

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