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Are you sad when Halloween is over?



Wouldn't it be nice if the spooky season lasted all year round?

If you said yes to those 2 questions, then I invite you to explore The Secret Spooky Society!

If you would like to make year round spooky projects that are easy to consume and implement.

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Check out these videos: bio about Robin & SSS plus all the spooky projects you can make today!

"What I will provide for you is a welcoming community of like minded "spirits", spooky inspiration and unique one of a kind spooky projects that bring you joy, instant gratification & the happy  feeling you get when you create something with your hands".



What do you get when you join the Secret Spooky Society?


  •  2 bite size spooky project tutorials released monthly & delivered via pre-recorded video so you can watch at your convenience.  These are EXCLUSIVE to SSS members only.

  • 1 monthly LIVE group recap to ask questions, get to know each other & talk with me about the monthly projects & any spooky encounters you may have had recently (wink,wink).

  • Ideas & samples to spook-i-fy, alter & recycle everyday junk.

  • Sneek Peeks into my art studio re-do to spook-i-fy it!

  • At least 1 monthly digital download of my personal stash of ephemera or class patterns

  • Outline of our monthly tutorials

  • Resources that I personally use and links for online products

  • Glimpses into my creativity and life.

  • An exclusive spooky community to share your projects & make new friends.  This will be from my online platform, not facebook.

  • Unlimited access for members only 

  • KITS!  Sometimes I will have kits for the projects.  These will be available to purchase for members only.  They are made for your convenience & are completely optional.  If you don't want to buy a kit, that's okay because materials and supplies will always be provided so you are ready for the tutorials.

  • SSS Members will be the first to know of my spooky art for sale.

The first 2 Thursdays

of each month, you will have access to pre-recorded video tutorials that you can watch when ever you like.

The 3rd Thursday of 

of the month you can talk to me in a LIVE virtual broadcast along with your fellow spooky society members AKA spookettes!  

The 4th Thursday of

the month is a mixed trick or treat bag of spooky inspiration. 

Spooky monthly tutorials & inspiration!


Three spooky tutorials every month that you can finish at your leisure!  All levels welcome.


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