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Welcome To The Artsy Bohemian Online School of Robin Dudley Howes.

click the video for pictures of the sun catcher.


Have you always wondered...

how to make those pretty little charms with metal around them?  Well let me illuminate you!  With over 15 years of teaching this fun craft you’ll finish this workshop with a large basketful of techniques and a beautiful project. (FYI this sun catcher has been pinned on Pinterest over 500,000 times and counting)! 

Even if you are seasoned or need to dust off your iron, I guarantee you’ll learn something!  Expect to make dozens of charms including how to solder a glass vial, flat back marbles and charm sandwiches!   

Who is this course for?

Beginners to intermediate.  Anyone who wants to start a new hobby or brush up on skills to the serious artist wanting to make a living selling artisan products from skills learned in my class.  


Who this course is not for:

If you have many years under your belt with this type of soldering or you solder consistently this class may not be for you.

"Robin is by far, one of the most informative teachers out there. Her classes are overflowing with inspiration, practical directions that save you time and money and she makes you want to create. Out of all the classes out there, hers are worth the investment! A+A+A+!!!"

Happy student
Laurie J.

Course Details - What You Get

Video demonstrations, downloadable handouts and resources.

The first part of the video series we’ll learn what equipment I use and the safest materials for this type of soldering.   You will also learn the following:

 *How to drill holes into the drift wood and attach head pins to hang the chain and samples of other things you can use instead of drift wood.  I’ll also demonstrate how to attach the hanging wire.

*How to prepare “simple” charms using game pieces, dominoes, “hole” less objects, small rocks and more with copper foil tape.

*How to solder the simple charms and attach jump rings in an efficient way (my exclusive jump ring secrets).  If you’ve ever soldered and quit because you couldn’t attach the jump rings I’ll get you over that hump.

*My one simple trick to make sure your soldering tip will always be tinned and you’ll never have to use toxic sal ammoniac to clean it! 

*Once you’ve mastered the simple charms (games pieces, small rocks etc) we move onto charm sandwiches (2 pieces of glass with something sandwiched in between) and all the variations of charm sandwiches and ephemera to use inside them.

* How to solder small glass vials and 3 different ways to solder them.  I’ll show you how to make a wire “basket” handle along with 2 other secrets to enclose the lid.

*How to patina your charms to age them (optional).

*How to avoid common mistakes with regards to soldering and what to do with the “bad” charms.

*How to wire wrap the charms and make your own jump rings to attach to the chain.  We’ll finish by attaching everything to the driftwood.

All the soldering mistakes I’ve made are your victory.  Meaning you probably won’t make the same mistakes I did because I’ll show you how to avoid them.  Even if you do make mistakes I’ll show you how to make it pretty!

I eat, live and breathe my craft, every day.  Decades of  accumulated knowledge, teaching and making.  It’s what I do and now I’m going to show you that you can do it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES!  I cater to newbies and seasoned solderers alike, plus you can re-wind any segment a zillion times until you get it! 

YES!  Once you purchase the class I will send an email with all the resources to purchase materials and tools and everything you’ll need to start.  I’ll also have recommendations for online and brick and mortar sources.  All of these resources will be included again in the first part of the course as a downloadable handout.

When you sign up for class you’ll receive a welcome email and password that will allow access to the classroom.    Think of it this way, when you take an in person workshop, you drive (or fly) to the workshop location and enter the classroom, sit down and take the class only for this class you don’t have to fly or drive anywhere and you can turn on your device or computer in your jammies and eat cereal while you watch the instructional videos!   If you know how to turn on your computer (or what ever devise you use) and are familiar with the internet or have bought things online  or have any social media you should be able to take a course online no problem.

Not at this time however I give you plenty of resources to purchase your own supplies.  Contact me if you have questions before you purchase the course.

YES!   Once you sign up you will have the option to join an online forum to share successes and concerns.  Please keep in mind this course is self study.

About your Instructor - Robin Dudley Howes

Creating art and teaching creativity is a way of life for me and has been my main source of joy and income.  It all started when I was a child and has been a driving force and passion to this day.  So I guess you could say my education has been my curiosity to learn by living a creative life and the adventures I have traveled to get there. 

 Over the years I've taught hundreds of classes at large National art retreats to cozy home gatherings, my creations have been published in dozens of well known magazines (including being on the cover) and now my latest accomplishment is this online school.

After repeated requests to teach classes online, I built what you see here, the Artsy Bohemian Online School.   Online classes are a great way to reach those who cannot travel to art retreats or attend in person classes and I am so thrilled to have a platform that has opened that door.

Please also understand that you make this investment at no risk.   You are covered by my personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 14-Day Guarantee. That is, you can spend 14 days going through the Bohemian Illumination Soldering 101 for Newbies course and apply everything you learn to your business and life. If, within 14 days of your purchase, for any reason,  you don’t believe the course was worth the investment, you can let me know and I will send you a full refund.


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