Slow Stitch Snippet Necklace

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~To learn a new craft that encourages you to slow down?   

~To discover a new skill that is calming and relaxing? 

~To know the end result will be something that brings a smile to your face.

~To be proud to say "I made that". 

~To take what you've learned in this class and make gifts for friends or sell at your next show?

~ If any of this resonates with you I invite you to make this small investment in yourself for fun or profit or both.   You deserve it.  

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What is a Slow Stitch Snippet Necklace?

It's something I made up, literally and figuratively!  It's a necklace with a little pouch that has a flap to hold small treasures.  The little pouch is sewn together with rudimentary stitches, embellished and layered with little beads, "organic" freeform embroidery and small pieces of lace and trim.  The necklace is made of more embellished trim, chain and beads.  The little hand sewn pouch is approximately 3 3/4" wide by 4.5" long and is attached to a  34 inch/86 cm necklace.  

What is the bonus lesson?

As an addition to this course you will also learn how to make my popular Winged Heart Charms.  They are quick to make and add another unique element to your Bohemian style jewelry and embellishments.

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"Like I have said before, your online classes are extraordinary.  They are clear and easy to follow and I know how much time and emotional energy it takes to do these videos, and I am so thankful that you share with all of us. "

A. Waterman

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  There will be an online student forum to ask questions and share your progress.  I am usually able to answer your questions with in hours.  The best part is that the forum is built into the online school platform so you will be automatically enrolled once you sign up for the course.

Great question!  When you sign up for class you’ll receive a password that will allow access to the classroom.    Think of it this way, when you take an in person workshop, you drive (or fly) to the workshop location and enter the classroom, sit down and take the class only for this class you don’t have to fly or drive anywhere and you can turn on your device or computer in your jammies and eat cereal while you watch the instructional videos!   If you know how to turn on your computer or phone (or what ever devise you use) and are familiar with the internet or have bought things online or have any social media you will be able to take a course online no problem.

Class will open April 20, 2020

Will there be a list of supplies?

Yes!  I make sure to give you all the resources you'll need to start making this stunning snippet necklace.  Let me give you a hint:   if you have small snippets of fabric, lace, an old necklace, embroidery thread, needle, a few beads and unusual findings you'll be able to start right away!

Do I need to have jewelry or sewing experience?

Not at all!  This may look a little complicated but it really isn't!   I am known for my detailed break down of each step.  Every step is close up and easy to see and I'll be there holding your virtual hand through the whole course.

What if I don't have the supplies for this class, will you have kits?

I will have a limited number of kits and will make an announcement when they are listed in my store.  The kits will have eclectic & mostly vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces of beads, MOP buttons/findings, beads, lace, trim, fabric snippets and purse base fabric as well as a mix of chain and beads for the necklace.

Course Details~ What You Get:

~4+ hours of Video demonstrations, downloadable handouts and resources

~Learn how to make this fun necklace from start to finish.  We'll start by sewing the base pouch and continue layering with embroidery, snippets and beading.  Lastly, adding the necklace

~Close up , detailed video presentation

~Learn my 3 part method on how to balance an asymmetric design

~Learn 3 different, yet simple embroidery stitches.

~How to sew small beads onto fabric

~What tools to use for this project

~Simple jewelry making skills

~How to deconstruct old jewelry to make your newly constructed necklace

~Alternate ideas for materials

~Private student forum to ask questions and show your project.

~Bonus lesson: Winged Heart Charms 


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About your instructor-Robin Dudley Howes

Creating art and teaching creativity is a way of life for me and has been my main source of joy and income.  It all started when I was a child and has been a driving force and passion to this day.  So I guess you could say my education has been my curiosity to learn by living a creative life and the adventures I have traveled to get there. 

 Over the years I've taught hundreds of classes at large National art retreats to cozy home gatherings.  My creations have been published in dozens of well known magazines (with one cover feature) and now my latest accomplishment is this online school.

After repeated requests to teach my classes online, I built what you see here, the Artsy Bohemian Online School.   Online classes are a great way to reach those who cannot travel to art retreats or attend in person classes and I am so thrilled to have a platform that has opened that door.



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