An intermediate self study soldering class for students of Artsy Bohemian Online School



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BOHEMIAN ILLUMINATION SOLDERING 101, to take this intermediate course OR have basic knowledge of soft soldering.

If you have basic knowledge of soft soldering, now it's time to up your game!

Sign up for this self study course and apply everything you have learned from the Bohemian Illumination soldering 101 course and make this adorable pendant into a necklace or ornament, perfect for any holiday or occasion!

Crank out some holiday gifts!

Learn how to solder this sweet pendant in a day!  Make it for Halloween, Christmas or just for fun!

Ornament or Pendant?

It's up to you.  Make it a necklace or a hanging ornament.   Decorate it a lot or a little!  I'll show you how to do all of it!


Sign up today and start making one of a kind gifts to give or sell!  As soon as you pay you will have instant access to the course!


Now that you have learned the soldering basics...


Lets start learning new techniques to add to your catalog! 

Some of the new techniques in this course include:

  • How to solder metal components to the base of the pendant, like filigrees and wire.
  • How to solder a component to add the multi layered tassel.
  • How to add texture to your soldered piece.
  • How to give your beveled glass an antique mirror look.
  • How to make the pendant into a necklace or a hanging ornament.

Every time I offer a new soldering course,  you will be the first to know and the first to receive a discount! 

This way you can continue your education in all aspects of soldering and move on to more challenging projects!



Hi, I'm Robin Dudley Howes~ The Artsy Bohemian

Welcome to my Bohemian happy place!  I have been an educator for over 2 decades, guiding individuals to loosen up their creativity and think outside of the box, mostly with unconventional styles of art.  I've taught 1000's of students at hundreds of venues in various backgrounds with a goal of not only finishing a project but teaching individuals HOW to be creative.   Since 1997 I have  been published dozens of times in well known magazines (landing the cover of 1) and 3 books.  I've been asked to speak about creativity via speaking engagements and podcasts, culminating a growing social media platform and loyal following.  To say I am PASSIONATE about spreading the magic of creativity would be an understatement.  I live, eat and breathe creativity EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I absolutely love sharing my knowledge, wether it be at cozy home gatherings, large National art retreats or online.  It's what I love to do and I'm so grateful to my loyal following and a platform to spread my love of creativity.